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Download Flowcode 7

Download Flowcode 7

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Version: 7.1.1
Released: Sep 30th
File size: 468Mb
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Patch Flowcode

If you have Flowcode version 7.1.0 then you can use this smaller patch to update.

FREE! Flowcode 7

The free version of Flowcode is restricted to give users a useful, analytical software tool to create simple programs for your projects. To activate the Flowcode free version, simply download Flowcode by clicking on the button to the right. Then click on the ‘FREE’ button when Flowcode first loads or alternatively setup an account and check out the 30 day fully featured trial. The free version is not licence for commercial or academic usage

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Buying Flowcode 7

Standard users

A ‘Standard’ user of Flowcode is someone who wishes to develop applications at home. A standard user licence does not give the user commercial rights; commercial rights can only be achieved by purchasing a professional Flowcode licence.

Professional users

A ‘Professional’ Flowcode user is someone who is using Flowcode code in commercial products or is working in a commercial environment. These type of users must select a professional licence.

Licencing guidance

  • Select your ‘user type’:

    Firstly, you select the type of user you are; standard or professional. Explanations are given above.

  • Select the ‘devices’ you wish to add to your licence:

    Secondly, you can select the devices you wish to add to your licence. Here, you have the choice of adding 8 bit PIC devices, 16bit PIC devices, 32 bit PIC devices, AVR/Arduino devices, ARM devices or any combination of the five.

  • Select the ‘features’ you wish to add to your licence

    By selecting different features, you add capability to your Flowcode licence. A full explanation of what is included in each feature pack is given in the box underneath the price of your chosen licence. For a further explanation, please check out the Flowcode 7 datasheet.

  • If you already have a Flowcode v5, v6 or v7 licence:

    At the bottom of the page, you will find boxes to insert any existing Flowcode licence information you have for Flowcode versions 5, 6 or 7. By inputting this information, you will be able to benefit from upgrading licence discounts for Flowcode 7. For version 6 or 7 existing users, you simply login to your Flowcode account to see what upgrades are available for you.

  • Happy?

    Once you’re happy with your Flowcode 7 licence, check the price and click on the ‘Buy Flowcode 7’ button which will take you to the checkout to process your licence.


Click here to be taken directly to the Flowcode buy page or read the license guidance first.

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