Anybody use the Microchip Explorer 8 Development Kit

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Anybody use the Microchip Explorer 8 Development Kit

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Morning All,

Anybody use the Microchip Explorer 8 Development Kit (part number DM160228) ? ... l/DM160228

I have one and trying to find out more information - i have raised a support ticket with microchip, but didn't get the answer to my questions. possible because the support assistant didn't understand my questions..

The Board Boasts of the following :-

" Supports all 8-bit PIC microcontrollers from 8 to 80 pins "
" A 120-pin edge connector enable you to expand the Explorer 8 Development Kit’s capability to suit your needs. "
" 20-pin Add-On Board Connector – Design your own add-on boards for sensor interface or motor drive, and Connect them with this simple header. "
" A legacy expansion header for PICtail™ daughter card connectivity "

I am looking for information of the type / Manufacturer of the Board Connectors - so i can make my Own Boards / connect to the Development board
Lots of connectivity but this is little use if you cannot connect to it / get the connectors

Is there a PIM available with a PLCC socket fitted to it to allow use of the newer more feature packed devices ? - a very limited number of assembled PIM modules are available
Is there a blank PCB so i can fit a micro or would i have to make my own ?
If i have to make my own is there any information anywhere on the PIM Module I.e pin designations / spacing's.


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