DC Motors

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DC Motors

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Hi there,

I am trying to use the DC motor component in my code and I need it to move for 10 seconds. I have tried using the component macros forwards(10) and coast but is seeming to stop early, of if I use forwards(1) it won't stop! Would greatly appreciate if someone could explain how they function and how I can best code them to rotate forwards for 10 seconds and also backwards for 10 seconds. I can't find much online.

Thanks in advance

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Re: DC Motors

Post by BenR »


The number assigned is the speed when using PWM or HBRIDGE control method. For simple on/off the number will make no difference.

Sounds like your program needs to do the following.

Forwards (1)
Delay S (10)
Stop ()

You might need a further delay at the end, if you're inside a loop with no delay at the end then we will go straight back into Forward which will appear like the Stop function never got called.

Hope this helps.
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Re: DC Motors

Post by medelec35 »

If you are interested, I posted an example on this post.

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Re: DC Motors

Post by chipfryer27 »


Have you looked at the component example yet?

https://www.flowcode.co.uk/wiki/index.p ... :_DC_Motor_()

How are you connecting your motor? The example is for a Full-Bridge config. If you can share your flowchart and how you are connecting (even if just simulation) I'm sure the forum can assist.


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