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Flowcode Embedded

Flowcode Embedded allows you to easily create highly functional programs for popular microcontrollers. It supports hundreds of devices such as Arduino, ESP32, PICmicro, ARM, etc.

Flowcode Embedded1.png

Embedded programs can be developed with little or no programming experience using flowcharts, state diagrams and other coding paradigms. Flowcode includes a huge library of components and subroutines from simple input devices and sensors through to complex communications systems including USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Advanced users can add C code to their projects to customise and enhance their project.

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Programs developed using Flowcode Embedded are often target-independent, meaning code can often be converted to work on a different microcontroller with just a few simple configuration changes.

Flowcode allows the simulation of project code on-screen prior to it being downloaded onto a microcontroller, which aids understanding and fixing of project problems. In addition, there is a wealth of tools built in to Flowcode to allow users to debug their projects both before and after deployment.

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