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Flowcode App Developer allows the creation of general-purpose programs (or “apps”) with user interfaces that run on a Windows-based PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc. These apps can interact with a wide range of devices and data sources, both local and remote.

Typically, these apps will provide a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to interact with devices and systems that are usually remote to the device hosting the app (PC, mobile phone, etc.). These remote systems might be hardware you have developed, 3rd party devices, or websites and other sources of data that can be accessed via the Internet.

In addition, App Developer projects will usually interact with multiple devices and systems (just like embedded projects are likely to interact with multiple attached peripherals and/or remote systems). And they can even interact with other App Developer and Embedded projects.

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App Developer is comprised of 2 distinct features – PC Developer and Web Developer. Whereas Flowcode Embedded projects are developer to run on the embedded device itself, App Developer projects will run on a PC or within a browser and will typically be used to communicate with remote embedded systems.

There are a lot of similarities in how Embedded and App Developer projects are developed. The main difference is the actual intended target device. Embedded projects are used when the target will be an embedded device such as a chip or a single-board computer. PC Developer projects will create apps that run on Windows PCs and Web Developer projects will create web pages that can be run on any PC or device that supports a browser.

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