V7 Operational Bootstrap Script Error

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V7 Operational Bootstrap Script Error

Post by bernoulli »

When my V7 loads, at the end of the process, I receive a text box message stating an error has occurred in the script on this page. The URL listed is https://widget.trustpilot.com/bootstrap ... rap.min.js

This text box message would display frequently as I am working on the project.

This did not happen two days ago and I am perplexed by it now. I removed V7 entirely and re-installed it. No change.

Any thought?

Thank you,


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Re: V7 Operational Bootstrap Script Error

Post by Steve-Matrix »

Thanks for letting us know Gary.

I have tested here and have the same problem. It looks like it's an error that can be safely ignored anyway, but I have passed this on to a colleague who will get this fixed shortly.

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