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Applications of App developer include process monitoring...
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...Machine monitoring and control...
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...factory test...
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...and educational equipment control and data logging.
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Design your electronic system on screen:
  • Choose the Input Output device(s) that has the characteristics your application needs from four types of device
  • Add other instruments and systems that have Application Programming Interfaces you can work with like signal generators, environmental chambers etc
  • Drag local (USB/Bluetooth) and remote (Wi-fi/LAN/Internet) hardware components onto the 2D panel
  • Add components from the library to create a distributed electronic system
  • Design a program using flow chart, Blocks, Pseudo-code, or state machine diagrams
  • Choose from one of our own low cost hardware interfaces or use any third party hardware
In the latest version of Flowcode, there are great new on-screen controls for PC applications, new components - including really easy to use Internet communications components - and new Application Programming Interface targets for low cost hardware boards including Arduino, ESP 32 and others - and you can create your own API using Flowcode Embedded.
General input output interface for Arduino
General input output interface for Arduino
App Developer and Electrical Machines
Control system with USB, LAN, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections
Pressure control teaching system
Process Control software built with App Developer


Test your design to make sure it functions like you want it to:
  • Link your design to low cost local or remote hardware interfaces
  • 'Play' the program or step through the program one command at a time to make sure it works
  • Use the on-screen instruments to see the variables in your system
  • Use the Data Recorder and Console to monitor your program and see how it is working
  • Use the Graph plotter to document the performance of your system in real time
In this new version of App Developer you can test your local, remote or distributed system using great Human Machine Interface tools including dials, switches and graphs to prove that your system functions as it should.


Reproduce your system for others to use:
  • Manufacture one, or a hundred thousand of your designs royalty free.
  • Use the Auto documenter to help others understand your project.
  • Create PC or web based human machine interfaces for use with mobile phones to check and modify your system.
  • Remotely download new programs to your device when needs change.
In the latest released we have also added ESP32 chip support to our offering totally free of charge, meaning this fantisticly powerful low power MCU with integrated Wi-Fi and dual mode Bluetooth can be used with Flowcode.
Pressure control system using App Developer
Smart systems technology are used in Matrix Process Control rigs


With Flowcode App Developer you can create distributed feature rich control and data gathering systems on your desk, in your building or in the world. You can mix off the shelf API controllable hardware products with low cost interfaces like Raspberry Pi and ESP32.
App Developer Main Graphic

Input Output devices with APIs

There are a range of defined function API devices available from Matrix, including the MIAC range, Formula AllCode and AllCode Robot Arm Production Cell.

Further to that, below are examples of flexible function API devices, which you can use to manufacture your own local and remote flexible function device for use with Flowcode App Developer.

APIs are open source and developed in Flowcode Embedded and are available from the Flowcode Wiki.

  Local Only (USB/Bluetooth) Local & Remote (USB/BT/WIFI/Eth)
Hardware Platform Arduino Uno Arduino Mega ECIO28P ECIO40P E-Blocks2 MIAC Allcode Raspberry Pi ESP32 Interface Board
Method AVRdude AVRdude mLoader mLoader mLoader mLoader SDCard/SSH ESPIDF PICKit
Basic I/O
Digital Output Pins 14 54 19 30 47 26 32 17
Digital Input Pins 14 54 19 30 47 8 26 32 17
Analogue Output Pins 2 4 1 1
Analogue Input Pins 6 16 10 14 13 8 14 3
SPI 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1
I2C 1 1 1 1 1 2 1
UART/RS232/RS485/MB 3 1 1 6 1 3 1
Bluetooth 1 1 1 1
Wifi 1 1 1 1
Eth/TCPIP/Modbus TCP 1
PWM 6 16 2 2 27 4 2 2 2