Flowcode Partners

Microchip Logo

We have worked with Microchip for around 15 years now. Several of their boards (including Chipkit, Curiosity, and MPLABxpress) are compatible with Flowcode and Flowcode can compile to hundreds of Microchip parts from several ranges of device. Flowcode uses a version of the popular XC8 compiler to create hex code and the Pro version of the XC8 is fully compatible with Flowcode.

Solidworks Logo

Matrix TSL are official solution partners of Solidworks. Users can import and characterise 3D systems into Flowcode, such as windmills, car steering racks, electric fans and many more. In fact, Flowcode allows users to simulate almost any electromechanical system. If we haven't already got a 3D system that suits your needs, you can design your own in a dedicated 3D package and import it into Flowcode.