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Flowcode is a graphical programming Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows you to develop highly functional electrical, electronic and electromechanical systems for microcontroller based systems and for Windows PCs and tablets.

Flowcode Embedded allows you to easily create highly functional programs for popular microcontrollers.

Flowcode App Developer allows you to create great Human Machine Interfaces for PCs, tablets and mobile phones using low cost input output boards - locally (USB/Buetooth) or remotely (Wi-Fi, LAN, Internet) using Windows or web browsers.


Flowcode's graphical programming interface allows those with little or no programming experience to develop complex electronic systems with ease.

Drag and drop icons onto the workspace, to create simple or complex programs easily. Global and local variables in neat organised lists, create functions with a graphical interface.


Flowcode includes a simulation engine which simulates at a component level and at a system level. This allows you to validate your design on-screen before deployment, shortening design time and increasing system integrity.

Components are open source so you can design your own components and systems based on the ones supplied.


Use the same code for different embedded devices: create a program for an Arduino, then scale it up by changing to a PIC32 or ARM device. A few simple config changes and you are up and running on your new device with the same program in moments.

You can also develop PC and Web applications with Flowcode App Developer that communicate with your embedded projects..
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Flowcode allows you to use the best coding technique for your project:

You can program in flow charts, blocks, C code and pseudocode and transfer seamlessly between these paradigms.

Flowcharts: Simple drag and drop, visualise your code and create easy to understand programs with this coding method.

Blocks: Similar to other visual coding methods, this is useful for those who are used to visualising their program in this method.

C code: Using our C code interpreter you can program in C and use Flowcode.

Pseudocode: Write using plain language with a structured convention to create your programs.

Data flow programming: Describe your program in standard process chart symbols – great for DSP applications and communications.

State diagrams: Develop programs using state machines and call C code or flow chart macros in the transitions between states.
flowcode code switching
flowcode state machines


Flowcode includes a huge library of components and subroutines from simple input devices and sensors through to complex communications systems including USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth.
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Community and Support

If you are new to Flowcode you will find that there is a large amount of support material available to you.
  • You can look at our Youtube channel where there are lots of 'getting started' and 'how to' videos.
  • You can browse the Flowcode Wiki which is how we present our general Help information
  • You can view our Getting Started Guide which is a PDF document
  • You can take a course: Introduction to Microcontroller Programming
  • You can browse our Forum and see other users's programs, projects, questions and the replies from our Valued Contributors and Matrix staff.
  • You can pose your own questions on the Flowcode forum and get answers in a surprisingly short time. Pro license users get priority support service from Matrix staff.
  • You can take advanced courses in digital communications
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