Input on Design

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Input on Design

Post by p.erasmus »

Hi All ,
After a long time and a couple of request for CANFD support in the forum ,I started to work on CANFD development board which is at the moment just a block diagram of idea's and I would like to run it here to get some input on what people would like to see on such a board specially from the guys which was talking about CAN FD in the forum as there were some specific idea putout .

CANFD_Dev_Board.JPG (51.35 KiB) Viewed 679 times

At the moment the thinking is
1- a board with 2 CAN FD ports based on the SPI version MCP2518(allows for interactive development)
2- a connector point for a CAN Analyser (High speed monitoringand logging ) such a Peak CAN ,Busmaster from Bosch/ETAS
3- a USB -serial port for User GUI application (possibly APP developer)
4- Some leds for visaul indicators
5- Connection to the General I/O for the connecting other circuits and sensors to the bord
6- A Potti for alleast a onboard ADC availbilty
7- Also a LIN interface on CANFD2 Port
8- development of a CANFD Component for support to the board
9- LIN component (not sure what the status is from MATRIX on LIN)

Busmater is a free open source CAN/CANFD Analyser and development enviroment from BOSCH /ETAS and is a highly used tool by Automotive developers en example of Busmaster below ,It also connects/supports 90% of the Comercial CAN analysers out there.

Why I like the SPI MCP2518 CANFD controller is that it can be used with any micro from PIC16 to 32 bit units as a small price tag :D

All / any inputs positive or negative welcome !

P3.jpg (58.78 KiB) Viewed 679 times
Regards Peter - QME Electronics

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Re: Input on Design

Post by BenR »

9- LIN component (not sure what the status is from MATRIX on LIN)
It's coming, hopefully January time.

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