One Wire Component Overhaul

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One Wire Component Overhaul

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Hello Everyone.

I've finally gotten around to overhauling the OneWire component and also creating some components for specific OneWire devices. The main OneWire component has been somewhat simplified but the other components that do more specific things have hopefully been vastly simplified and made much more reliable.

Currently I have only done some of the temperature sensors but I also have in the wings an EEPROM memory device, a ID tag device and an electronic switch.

I also have a I2C based OneWire master which will be compatible with the new components.

The Wiki page has been updated with examples and there are also pages for the existing components with examples. ... Interface)

Another planned improvement is to add OneWire to the API Slave devices and thereby allow for the Embedded simulation and App Developer to communicate with real world OneWire hardware. Hopefully this will come very soon.

I've tested on an ESP32, an Arduino @ 16MHz and a PIC @ 20MHz and all have worked great. Please note PICs at less than 20 MHz are known to not be fast enough to host the bus so the I2C master might be a good option for these slower devices.

I''ve likely broken existing programs with the changes so please let me know if you were using it and need help moving to the new component API.

If you fancy having a go with the new components then please let us know how you're getting on. Your feedback helps us to know where we should be putting the effort.
Regards Ben Rowland - MatrixTSL
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