initializing "TCP_IP_WIZ810MJ1" kills program

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initializing "TCP_IP_WIZ810MJ1" kills program

Post by Emadae3 »

initializing "TCP_IP_WIZ810MJ1" comms component on Arduino Mega kills the program somehow.

the program works in simulation however fails with real hardware for some reason (full freeze), the arduino just stuck at the first block of the code

am using Ethernet Shield r3 based on W5100 from wiznet.

any idea I can try while you look into it ?

can I check the component macro inner workings ?

here's a simple program I tried
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Re: initializing "TCP_IP_WIZ810MJ1" kills program

Post by LeighM »

Could you check the component connection properties?
For example, I think CS should be PB4?

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Re: initializing "TCP_IP_WIZ810MJ1" kills program

Post by BenR »


AVR devices have a hardware "feature" where if the SPI SS pin is left as an input and allowed to float low the SPI peripheral can go into the SPI slave mode and cause a lockup on the device.

It looks like pin B0 is the hardware SS pin on your device, so simply output a 0 or 1 to the pin using an output icon and it should stop the lockup from happening.
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