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Compiler Toolchain

The compiler toolchain is used to allow Flowcode to compile the generated C code into a binary file that can be executed on your target microcontroller device.

The "Compile to Hex" and "Compile to Target" options in Flowcode require that a toolchain is installed for your selected microcontroller device.

Downloading and installing toolchain

Most of the toolchains can be found here on the main Flowcode download page.

Download and run the toolchain installation file and that will do everything required to allow Flowcode to compile to that range of target devices.

Note if you have Flowcode open when installing the toolchain then you may need to restart Flowcode once the toolchain is installed.

Instructions for specific toolchains

Click the approriate link below ofr detailed instructions for spacific compiler toolchains.

ESP32 Toolchain

Pico Toolchain

Using a new version of XC8