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This page contains structured exercises used throughout Flowcode Help section, and further exercises which are not featured in the Flowcode Help structure, these additional exercises range from expanded exercises on camera control and panel navigation to creating, testing, exporting and importing components.

We recommend going through the Flowcode section of the Introduction to Microcontrollers course which has been updated for the latest version of Flowcode and is available for free at the learning center section on the main www.matrixtsl.com website.

A set of videos are available showing some projects using Flowcode as well as talking you through some example programs. Flowcode video playlist

Getting Used To The Flowcode Environment

Using The Component Panels

Component Creation


This page contains a list of the scenarios included with Flowcode. Some of the scenarios require the models component pack but can also be used with the 30-day trial.

The corresponding components can be found in the Runtime section of the component toolbar.